Your Montessori home

Feeling overwhelmed? New to Montessori? In need of a home reset?

I’d like to help you to discover the joys of living in a family home designed with the Montessori philosophy of offering children respect, independence and real world opportunities for growth.

A Montessori home is one that meets the needs of all its inhabitants, from the tallest to the smallest. It is a place where babies move freely, toddlers choose their own clothing and gain toilet independence, and older children help out in the kitchen and are able to express their interests on their own timeline. It’s a place where safety is prioritized and opportunity is valued. Where the days activities flow with a peaceful hum.

I offer support in creating Montessori-inspired spaces within your home through one-on-one consultation, to help you to meet the unique needs of your family, and each individual in it.

This service is available in person, in your home, in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario, Canada (and elsewhere by request), or anywhere world-wide via Skype.

Start the conversation by e-mailing: milkweedmontessori

It’s important to me that quality early childhood experiences and Montessori methods are available to all. Should you feel drawn to this service, but find yourself short on dollars, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Regardless of financial status, I love to barter or trade, so please approach me with those offers too!