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Montessori from the (very, very) Start

belly shot

I’m thrilled to finally reveal the details behind the “big project” I’ve been working on — one that’s kept me distracted from blogging, and instead, constantly napping: I’m pregnant!

We’re excited to have a new little one joining our family this spring.

I only began learning about Montessori ideas as my now two-year old, Jasper, grew beyond infancy. With this second pregnancy, I’m looking forward to bringing Montessori philosophy into the babe’s life even earlier.

I’ve been thinking about some of things I learned at my infant & toddler Montessori training this past summer — training that starts by focusing on the beginning: the womb as the first environment. (A similar sentiment is one of my favourite quotes from influential Haudenosaunee midwife, Katsi Cook: “Woman is the first environment.” I love discovering these little echoes and connections that join strands of peaceful thought from all over the globe.)

Both Montessori philosophy and modern science tell us child’s absorbent mind begins long before birth, as important growth including emotional attachment and language acquisition begins in the womb, so I’ve been trying to take time each day to acknowledge this little one’s presence and welcome him or her to our family. It’s a different thing, a second pregnancy, and I find I need to work to create a bit of ritual for this daily check-in.

As time passes, I find myself planning what this little one will need in the early days, and where we’ll make space for the few things a baby requires. Soon I’ll start thinking about how to make mental and physical space for that oh-so important symbiotic period.

What were your “must-haves” with a baby (and maybe particularly, for a non-firstborns)? How did you bring Montessori ideas into your home life during early infancy?