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There was a bit of an urban legend about a group of friends in a city I used to live in, who’d call a cab company and every time, when asked where they were headed, reply “Elsewhere,” and hang up. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s where we’re headed today: elsewhere!

First up, some older posts of mine were shared on the amazingly comprehensive blog Confessions of a Montessori Mom:

And more recently, I’ve been writing some brand new, never-before-seen posts for the #30daystoMontessori challenge, over at Study-At-Home Mama.

  • Getting out the door: why does it seem like the simplest things become suddenly complicated with a toddler in the house?
  • Creating independence while diapering. The whole idea behind the #30daystoMontessori project is to make everyday moments just a little bit more Montessori — that is, respectful, simple, independent. Parents of babies and young toddlers can have those moments many times a day!

As more are published on Study-At-Home Mama, I’ll be sure to update here, but I really recommend following the daily prompts for the #30daystoMotnessori challenge. Inspiring stuff!

I’m working on some posts, as well as a bigger project that’s taken up a lot of my time lately, but this week I’m just thrilled to share that this week Jasper had his first morning at a sweet Montessori playgroup. He loved it, and already today was more apt to bring out a work mat than before. And I’m so glad to have such a kind and respectful guide in his life.

Family life, Links


If you follow me on Instagram (@meghansheffield), you’ll have already been subjected to some gushing about what a magical weekend we’ve just had. With the spring weather finally here, we’re spending every spare moment outdoors, in the garden, at family barbecues or taking part in community events.

It’s a wonderful time of year, but sitting down at the computer to blog isn’t top of mind. It’s my hope that you’re willing to drift along with the seasonal ebb and flow as well.  Here are a few of my most recent online discoveries, squeezed in between birthday parties and rounds of croquet.

I was thrilled to discover this beautiful stop-motion film made by a mother who followed her son to Montessori school and proceeded to take thousands of photos of his morning, without ever prompting, directing or interrupting him. Also, it’s a Canadian video, so shout-out to Dundas Valley Montessori School who seem to be doing wonderful work.

From Sapling House, this simple and beautiful colour-matching work for toddlers (those who are beyond the “everything in my mouth” stage).

My friend Leisse is a Montessori-trained parent educator, a mother of three kids — three and under — and also manages to be hilarious, whip smart and pulled together with style. A recent post on her blog Eat Play Love about skipping dinner-time battles with respect for her kids is a typical mix of humour and practical advice.

A Montessori morning and an afternoon of croquet