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Hey there! I’m Meghan — a Montessori-trained mama to a gung-ho five year-old and a chatty three year-old.

I’m no expert, but I am a passionate learner.

Milkweed Montessori is a place to share my enthusiasm about the things I’m learning. With a background as an arts and culture writer, I discovered the Montessori method while my firstborn, Jasper, was a baby and dove head first into certification as a Montessori Classroom Assistant at Toronto’s Montessori Teachers College.

This philosophy has challenged me to be present, to act with grace, and to bring order to our home. And, as a nice side benefit, it’s given me a lens through which to understand my son, and now my daughter, and a purpose to our days together.

It seems to me that Maria Montessori designed a spiritual practice as much as an educational paradigm. We bring the natural world into our learning and into our lives as much as possible. For a long time, my blog has had the subtitle: “Learning as we go.” And that’s just what we’re doing.

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I also work as a freelance editor, writer, and social media manager. To see my other writing, please visit: https://megsheff.blogspot.com/

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