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Sunday morning

ImageSunday is a day when our pace slows, and I find myself taking stock of both the week ahead and the week that’s passed. Here’s what the view is like for our family this Sunday:

  • I rearranged and rotated Jasper’s shelves this week. A basket of farm animals, a tractor, a basic ring stacker and a wooden farm animal puzzle: out. A basket of forest animals, an owl ring stacker & wooden woodland animal puzzle: in. I love all the fresh energy and interest Jasper shows after his shelves have been changed out.
  • I’m also working on an easy DIY project: matching cards for the Schleich forest animals, which I hope to post about later this week.
  • We are very much looking forward to a trip to the local sugar bush with friends tomorrow morning. One of the wonderful things about living life at a child’s pace is having a deeper engagement with the seasons, and maple syrup season is a wonderful promise of spring.
  • Finally, the scene above: my journal/agenda/sketchbook/grocery list keeper. This week’s pages included a recipe for crepes, some light sketching by Jasper, and a wonderful, worth-remembering list of everything that makes the Montessori method so magical, quoted from Deb at Sixtine et Victoire in this great interview at How We Montessori.

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. I am really touched. It is always a nice feeling to inspire someone in some ways…My husband loves crepes and he thinks I should be making them weekly. He is Canadian so I expect pancakes and I guess I am French so I should be making crepes more often! hehe Have you tried them yet? Have a lovely week!


  2. Your words were one of the best descriptions of what Montessori has to offer (and I’m sure you also often find yourselves trying to explain it to others) — I had to remember it!

    The crepes recipe I used was Julia Rothman’s recipe on Design Sponge. And they were wonderful!

    Hope you and your loves have a lovely week as well. Thanks for stopping by.


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