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My bright and honest truth

Recently I read this honest and heart-breaking post from Beth at Our Montessori Life, who “came clean” about her life working outside the home and sending her son to (non-Montessori) daycare.

The woman who has it “all,” the perfect “work-life balance” — we’ve heard it all and it’s a topic that is often used for click-bait and even to stir up judgement and dissension between women, but the truth is, not one of us has it all.

Some of us have worked out a balance, some of us are on the path to finding it, and some of us are in the middle of a big mess hoping to find a way out. We’re all doing our best.

What I want from the Montessori method is a peaceful and respectful way for my family to share space and for my son to learn to engage with the world around him. What I don’t want is another mommy war.

The clamor of voices heard in the comments on Beth’s post make it clear to me that there are many women in the same boat, and many women who don’t want whatever it is they choose for themselves and their family to be a dark and terrible secret.

So, inspired by Beth, here’s our bright and honest truth: Jasper goes to (non-Montessori) daycare and he loves it and we love it.

There isn’t currently a Montessori toddler program in our area. This home daycare set up is affordable, flexible and healthy for all involved. It broadens our community and it supports another woman (and mother) in doing what works for her family.

It’s win-win-win — for Jasper, us, and the daycare provider.

Where does your family find the balance?

The photo of Jasper finding his balance was taken by his wonderful and warm daycare provider.


5 thoughts on “My bright and honest truth

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story. It was a hard one to put down for me. For every supportive comment from friends and family both online and “in real life” there has been a negative one. Some suggesting that somehow we are less Montessori or less qualified to be Montessori because we don’t spend all day doing activities with our children. The heart breaking part is that somedays I wish for nothing more than to sit with my children all day and watch them grow. Unfortunately that would mean giving up things we love most such as sending our oldest to Montessori school. It’s slightly ironic I suppose.
    Like you I want love, respect and peace to be shared not only in our family but throughout the world. Like all wars, Mommy wars have no victor.
    Thank you again,


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