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Perfectly imperfect

It’s easy in this online universe of perfect, polished photos & instagram feeds & blog posts & pins to get hung up on the outcome.

I find myself coming across environments and activities that look appealing, imagining Jasper in the throes of concentration and executing the perfect pour/sweep/discernment/whatever, rushing to set it up and present it to him, and then finding myself disappointed and sweeping mung beans off the kitchen floor (don’t worry about it, it’s fine).

So this, early post, is a disclaimer. Some experiences are quite messy. Some are unsuccessful. Some take a lot of repetition.

I’ll try to capture those experiences, but to be honest, I reach for the camera, or turn to write, when I’m excited about something. And often, what I’m excited about, are the little successes. But that’s not how we usually live, and you probably don’t either.

So bear with me on this perfectly imperfect journey.


3 thoughts on “Perfectly imperfect

  1. Your post resonated very well with me. It can be frustrating at times…I will put together what I feel is the most perfect activity and somehow, it will not work. Be it not the right time, or just my daughter being too tired or hungry…! Like you said, the idea being a blog is to inspire…so this is what we usually share, our little successes! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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